She wanted to prove there was no truth

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Did she? She proved the system can be broken. She proved that facts can be subverted. Recorded conversations can be presented out of context. Legal occupants can let their bias towards class warfare based on gender guide their judgments. Lawyers can be bought. Power was proven to be based on elite relationships. Confessions can be squeezed out through intimidation. Speech can be silenced. Some blame the internet. Some say it would of never happened if I was not online..., but if this had happened one hundred years ago there might of never been records to free me. I might of actually had to really drink that hemlock. It would of cost me exponentially more to buy off a judge if she had come by horse in the 1800s, then to present irrefutable evidence that might still lead to my legal demise. Certainly they were still able to intimidate me into a confession. Certainly they can still silence me with threats. Certainly I am in danger merely by implying. The extent of censorship is not clear, it is left to the insane in power to have discretion. Certainly I can not say this person's name still, but I am thankful for the information age. I am thankful that I can be silenced and yet the information out there can not be erased. I won even though I am legally guilty. There most certainly is a truth. That most ire; teeth clench. Those who deny G-d are shattered. The cult of victimization is based on a lie. The truth won the day. I might still be in danger. I might lose further legally. Shaking my conceptual genitals out there for the world to see. They might just still castrate me, but the truth still persists.

If I have no right, then how am I wrong?

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