That corn dog was subsidized. You dirty girl. #RightWingPorn #PresidentialErection

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Media Penis… I mean Bias
Just_be_glad you are not in politics. Poor Michelle Bachman; Did they did do this to Obama too?...Note to public figures. Don't eat sausages and hotdogs out in the open. So there it is. They got her good. And I like her... so don't get upset Michelle. I couldn't resist the chuckle. btw... I didn't like your answer in New Hampshire on the abortion question. you are either for it or against it. There is no in between ground. Children of rape can be adopted. I'm wondering however if you ate that hotdog with your own volition ...I just want to say it again. I'm not tarring you like Sarah Palin. I'm posting this lovingly... because I get the feeling that you are a nice lady... I guess I'm just not in a good mood. The devil made me repost this. Btw... maybe I can get the same image of Obama so that no one will think I'm biased or partisan or something. H/T from someone who probably does not want credit for pointing this out to me. and from The Duckman @ Hipster Jew

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