Gay Marriage

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my laptop was destroyed by2lesbians at Starbucks cuz wouldn't support gay marriage n told it2they're face

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A lesbian ridiculed me for voting 4 Romney because ...

The first part of respecting difference is respecting difference!

the whole point of making life easier for people who are married is to encourage children growing up in a positive healthy environment (and no one is saying a gay person can't create a positive environment). What I am saying is straight women deserve an identity recognized by the government that recognizes they're unique child bearing situation and they're inability to avoid that truth. Marriage is a recognition of responsibility for they're gift. Gay people are not gifted in that way... simple as that. If gay folk or unmarried straight folk want to adopt, then they should be able to apply for tax recognition.

Besides not recognizing the unique identity of women, gay marriage is also a snub to straight single people. if gay people can receive the tax benefits of married couples then I demand the same ones for starters.

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Answered by SimonStudio on March 15, 2008

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