Wrongly Accused of Rape When I was a Virgin 16 year old in 1990

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here is a reminder of the deed
that Brian/aMANdaCHAPel
says I did... supposively...
@aMANdaCHAPel this story is about a disturbed person who asked
me2do something & then did 2me what U R doing: LIBEL!

DNA evidence has freed an awful lot of people on death row... it has justified the last thirty years of "Lefties" by proving innocence on decade old cases. But with rape the evidence is undeniable there in DNA. Only contrary argument is was it willing? I know many cases where a woman wanted it and then regretted it. When I was 16 I had a 14 year old girl accuse me of rape. She told all her friends and her older brother this. Her eighteen year old brother came to my house to kill me and my parents had to call the police. The irony was that I had not even had sex with her. She was incapable of dealing with her own guilt and was cheating on me with another kid. I did climb into her window (romantically with flowers) fondled her breasts and then left when I realized she didn't love me by the way she was rejecting me... but we had been dating. At any rate my mother eventually got her on the phone and pried the truth out as she recorded the conversation. Ever since that event my mother has been way over protective of me... and it is understandable. No I hadn't raped the girl. I was even a virgin at the time... but this girl had serious issues and I'm willing to bet she let the other man have sex with her and she was regretting that too. So she projected the felt self hatred. I was guilty of breaking and entering (I guess on the legal level). But I thought we were together at the time. She was just a trashy 14 year old girl who had a lot of Catholic School girl pent up self hatred. (no I'm not attacking Catholicism, just this private school). The next year the girl switched out of her Catholic school and moved into the public school I was at. She knew I attended the school and I think she wanted to come because she was sorry. Also the ostracizing she must of experienced as the result of wrongly accusing me must of been horrendous in that tiny little school she went to. By the time she was at my school it was as though she had completely fallen apart mentally. She had put on about forty pounds and her face broke out in a rash of pimples. She was sexually promiscuous and she had a reputation She was no longer the pretty 14 year old girl I met at the arcade in Westwood California. We only dated three or four time and had never been sexually active. I still love this girl... I remember who she was at first. I'm pretty sure things were not right for her at home and her parents were divorcing. I am sorry for climbing into her window... and no I won't ever break the law again for romantic reasons. I understand the ladies like men to do crazy stuff to prove out love... but if they don't love themselves, proving you love them unconditionally won't accomplish anything in the long term.

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