The REAL Threat is Within

I think people like to think of themselves as good people... but we all basically do what is best for our own interests...
for a man: till you knock the girl up... her loyalty is to having fun.
they need to tell boys that in school.... women just don't love back without the baby
...a lot of boys get heartbroken. they work out... they do they're best and they wonder why the girl isn't loyal...
they listen to the Hilary Clintons who tells them to use protection... right? So why didn't the girl love them back?
that is why the Democrats won't stay in power... People need to know the truth. they get frustrated when the social lie doesn't work. Marriage and Children isn't because it is the "Right" thing to do... Marriage and Children is the "Darwinian" thing to do.
they promised us they were going to re-engineer our relationships to each other.
Instead they left us with a BLUEPRINT of destruction... ...and the New York Times thinks John McCain blushing is a sin?
The Democrats already showed us what sexual dysfunction is all about. Now they want a second chance to prosecute sexual harassment? Let us tell them NO! They complain, they moan... they cry about war, when they were the ones against isolationism when they were in power. Why should we pay higher taxes so that you can leave the ladies hysterical and paranoid again?

Women and Death

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The REAL Threat is Within 

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Answered by SimonStudio on March 15, 2008

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