cowardice is not the only answer

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7 factories in China equals all the pollution of American cars. Is this the change you were waiting for? it has been proven that Carbon Emissions do not equal "Green House Warming Effects" anyway, but I am willing to *assume* that there is something toxic about pollution and exhaust that we should be concerned about. Also it is absurd to say 4000 American lives were lost in Iraq without recognizing (1) the lives that were saved internationally and locally in the long term (2) recognizing that not finding WMDS, does not mean we didn't find parts like Nigerian Cake (3) that a war strategy should of been less involved with nation building and more involved in killing and perhaps we are only guilty of being the good guys (4) that the war wasn't ever put into paper by Bush, but was actually a chain reaction to issues that Clinton put on paper. Perhaps if Clinton and the pentagon had planned out a decent attack it might of been different. no doubt we could of had less casualties if we had only occupied oil rich areas with strong bases that pushed civilian populations out. We could of had two resource rich countries the size of Rhode Island right in Iraq and there would of been nothing the Sunni or Shia could of done about it, in fact this is what needs to be done with Iran. you need to put your chips closer together, not spread apart. we fail because now we think cowardice is the only answer. (5) there is no doubt in my mind that if America had taken out Saddam Hussein in the 90s with Clinton then there would of been support. our country put all it's chips on the Israeli Palestine situation and that like now was bound to fail because we were confused into thinking Islam really was the religion of peace, when it says to kill Jews behind trees.

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