Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Don't we have to drill for our own oil to break our dependence on foreign oil?

from Christopher Logan: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Letter to me on Climate Change Legislation

how are we going to diversify when it takes petroleum to grow bioFuel efficiently? I'm supportive of the idea, and I think it wouldn't bite into the food supply (though might cut into agricultural exports, but that is a small price to pay considering the foreign market is blackmailing us and profit is profit) the truth about petroleum is that it is used in everything. it is the foundation of what keeps the economy running. it was the true break of the dot com bubble bust. we need leadership that recognizes this. I'm all for using petroleum efficiently and BioFeul sounds like a great idea, but we need people who recognize that and aren't living in a fantasy land of solar power that the NYTimes has reported for example pollutes water in present desert environments and technologies like wind that would take decades to be built before our country collapses arrogantly into an unsustainable green ghetto. how about factors such as a power grid that isn't ready to sustain a population of Chevy Volts and other battery operated cars even if we have efficient Nuclear power that could be a security risk to terrorism. I love green energy and the best way to insure the best possible result is to have reasonable leadership that works a hybrid economy that utilizes petrol in an efficient way. America is not a theme park for Al Gore to showcase expensive unsustainable ideas before their time. I'm all for Yes We Can if the 'Can' is through looking at what we have.

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