stop making me your bitch

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problem is that most guys can't get work... and the women shit on us. they take all the jobs. meanwhile affirmative action in the stimulus bill when the industry that is effected by job losses is men's. the problem is getting worse, but the burden is all men's

"Because that’s basically what’s happening. When you blur the gender roles, feminize the men and masculinize the women, it’s not a good thing. And with many wives working and their men doing housework, America’s married women who force their husbands to do what was a woman’s traditional role in order to get what was supposed to be a given, essential part of a marriage (sex), it makes a mess of things. Sexual blackmail may have great short-term results, but I’ll bet long-term these marriages aren’t the ones that last. Matriarchies always fail, and not just in nations . . . but also in family households. "

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