where I agree with Marxism and doubt Capitalism

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I agree with Marx that class struggle is inherent, but disagree in that this struggle is usually a bad thing and misplaced. I do not await a revolution in linear messianic framework. Internationalist Libertarianism like what Ron Paul is talking about fails to take that libinal factor into account. We used to say Communism failed because it didn't take desire into account, I never thought I'd see the day where I would say the same thing about Capitalism. the nature of internationalist greed is to monopolize the resources.

systemaztize onto a gold standard and create a trading free for all and then you get haves and have nots that will be sexually inclined to blow the system up. the best way to keep the system from cannibalizing is to create a financial currency that reflects all resources and pulls away from the symbolic power of either an arbitrary Federal Reserve or the virtual concept of "Gold" which is not running influence beyond it's symbolism. Petrol exchanges will motivate people to search for alternative equivalences. It is also important to only trade with Republics that are deserving. Ron Paul seems to see the solution to Iran is to trade with our enemy. The only reason I could see this being a desire is because Paul benefits outside of our borders. Watching Paul on Russian Television does not increase my confidence. What keeps Capitalism's engine running is a Republic with it's checks and balances, not an internationalist free for all that trades with every backwards dictatorship.

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