Sean McBride thinks facebook doesn't Censor

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Noah David Simon

facebook has free expression? you crack me up McBride. they don't. they censor all the time. they just choose to allow Jew hate into their community standard. we aren't asking for censorship. what we ask is if there is a community standard that hate speech be part of it. ideally no network of over 20 thousand people should have censorship. it's wrong. it's arbitrary. and that was Ad Hominum and below the belt to assume our stance. I'm blocking you again and will surveillance you with other accounts. you and your comment editing... hypocrite.


"Noah -- Kahanist groups like the JIDF, which you support, have defined as "Jew haters" mainstream Jewish groups like J Street and even Barack Obama and the Obama administration! The JIDF has posted hundreds of harassing and threatening messages against Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, Youtube and other Internet services, demanding that they hand over editorial and political control over their companies to religious and political extremists like yourself.

denying the correlative is the assumption to assume that all Kahanists felt the particular action of Rabin's assassination was strategic. another example of why you are weak is you argue below the belt and apply labels to people. that and the hypocrisy of your comment censorship... which is legal, but you complain about the issue on other people's profiles. again. JIDF only wishes that social media apply fair terms. if facebook is already censoring then we ask them to censor hate speech. we prefer a better standard however. if you knew a thing about me McBride you would know that when I was at Carnegie Mellon University before I graduated I was part of the community of activists that organized against Marty Rimm and censorship on university computers and we made all major news outlets. Including Time Magazine, NewsWeek, NYTimes and even the Village Voice. I still have news clippings with my photos. at the time I was a member and designer of the website Envirolink dot org.

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