guilty of a traffic violation for being a Republican

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tonight I was told that because I was intimidated by the police after getting hit by a car with my bicycle that I deserved being bullied because all police are Republicans and that these individual knows what people think when they go into a booth to vote. does this logic make any sense? I was told I deserve to rot in jail for voting for Republican. as far as I know Republicans are the ones trying to make the government smaller so that the police don't have to aggressively give out tickets to men with bicycles that get hit by cars. at any rate I was told I will not be helped with this, so I will be going to jail because I can't afford to pay the ticket and for some reason business keeps on leaving a state that has high taxes, so I don''t have employment. It was nice to know you all, but obviously some people enjoy playing a joke with the paradox and catch 22. so I say goodbye. I'm sorry I had to chase that rainbow of a college education and pursuit of higher thought before I realized that it was all about insuring that government gets bigger

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