Sarah Silverman is a YENTA


last time Sarah was speaking for the Jewish community she managed to get us to vote for a guy whose first phone call from the white house was a Holocaust denier. perhaps she was kidding in this video, but how do we know when she seemed serious during the election? She managed to get Bubie and Aunt Ethel to vote for a guy who spent two decades in an anti-semitic church and has people in his administration who want to shoot down Israeli planes should they attempt to protect themselves from a Nuclear Holocaust... (and I'm just getting started on the list of goons that Silverman enabled through politics... as well as most of Huff Po) word of advice to all my fellow Jews. don't listen to Sarah Silverman. she's a yenta. to all my gentile friends out there. I'm sorry. she doesn't speak for us.
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by the way... she's not technically Jewish either according to our rabbis... not that that should matter, but before you go off saying the Jews attacked the Catholic Church... she doesn't speak for us and she isn't even one of us

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