When Yoga Fails


I had this relative in Dallas Texas... I barely knew him. His name was John and he appeared to be a nice enough chap. ...he was hard core into Yoga and Eastern Religion... till he met a girl settled down and then broke up and then he drank himself to death....(kind of like Howard Hughes he became a shut in literally) Now this John was a zealous monkish religious guy... and yet he really wanted was to meet a girl. Perhaps what he needed wasn't spirituality.... a person in flesh to love? He didn't ask anyone for help in our family because he was afraid they would not understand the effect of the age of feminism and the influence of eastern philosophy at it's worse. He didn't need nothingness... he needed a woman and being monk like in the age of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pilosi - you can't make any generalization about how to treat women. How do you explain to a monk that you have to be charming to the big titty mama to find happiness.... This is why I resent all that I grew up around. the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Hari Chrishna & Vishnu or whatever! Ohm Shanti my Penis! John needed to find carnal happiness... and his suffering was not necessary. Go find your guru and tell him to go fuck himself... he probably already is. I care and I sincerely liked the guy and since he was so religous he never had any children, which means I might inherit some money $ $ $ :) ....but I wish I could go back in time and save this poor soul... my parents used to tell me that I should go down to Texas and meditate with this guy who would run off to Indian Ashrams... and shit.... I didn't need this guru... he needed me. I would of taken this guy first thing to a porno store.... and saved his life.

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