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Marketing is just a form of a persuasion in capitalism. The key word is persuasion. In convincing another of our point of view there has to be a reference point. A language and understanding of what the negatives and positives of each action and object contains. For there to be a dialogue of negative then positive there must be point of agreement. If there is no point of agreement then what you have is all negative. That is where I am right now with the administration of facebook. All negative and they will not give me a reference point to act in a positive. facebook as a marketing tool claims that they act in their own discretion (which is the quality of being discreet). If the rules are arbitrary, then I can only perform a negative. The only logistical decision I have is to react in a deconstructionist manner. Being that facebook is the dominant platform of persuasion... (it is the only academic social network that protects the elitism of an academy).. and being that the terms are arbitrary and opaque, I can not market myself and it is of little use to pretend that it is a network of liberal thought and argument. I do not see any competing platform to share thoughts in yet... so therefor meaning is virtual and arbitrary. I must multiply my negatives because to multiply these negatives with a positive will give me a negative. This is the marketing state we are in right now. To use the Coors beer analogy: The reference of the beers actually needing to cool ended up not having meaning. There was no negative to reference, and therefor no positive

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