twitter is social media abuse (@jack @Biz n @EV is under the influence of the leftist bigots of aMANdaChapel PurpleCar MarkDavidson & MailOurMilitary)


not a free forum,will speak out as long as I can

Noah David Simon

Noah David Simon

libel of NoahDavidSimon OR analyzes from: @Purplecar @dayngr @mailourmilitary

Noah David SimonNoah David Simonget satisfactionNoah David Simon

click here for "Samples" of @AmandaChapel LIBEL

before you believe anything from @aMANdaChapel has said please research on google or click here

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I'm using twitter to defend my twitter accounts from censure of @AmandaChapel @mailourmilitary and @purplecar. Other then that I have no reason to ever want to be involved with the twitterwhore fascists. it is about right and wrong. they do not have a right to arbitrarily delete accounts because someone claims they are being stalked. on twitter and friendfeed we are all stalkers. this is just plain wrong. twitter's problems go beyond infra-structural

Your account is still in the process of being deleted. When it is done, (within 24 hours) you can come back here to restore it.
Your account is being removed. It may still be viewable on for up to 24 hours.

You will be able to restore your account for up to six months.

letter I just recieved around 2:30AM:

from Twitter Support
date Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 1:18 PM
subject Terms of Service Violation
hide details 1:18 PM (13 hours ago)

We are considering the removal of your account. We have already
removed @theanalysis, @panopticonman and @qwu for programmatically
reposting content from other accounts. As you know, we do not allow
the service to be used in this way. Moreover, your behavior over the
past several days has annoyed and angered many of our users. Except in
limited circumstances, we are not interested in making determinations
about the type of content you create. However, we will not allow our
tools to be abused.

You must change your behavior immediately or we will be forced to
remove your remaining @noahdavidsimon account.

Please write back to acknowledge your receipt and accceptance this email.

- Twitter Staff

(We have resent this message from in addition to

Twitter Support to simonstudio
show details 4:31 PM (10 hours ago)

As mentioned previously, spamming @ replies (in particular across multiple accounts) is considered a violation of the terms of service. We have warned you about this repeatedly and exercised great patience in trying to work to an amicable solution. You have chosen to ignore these warnings and requests.

We have therefore removed your accounts - please do not attempt to recreate them or other accounts on our service.

- Twitter Staff

Noah David Simon to Twitter
show details 2:29 AM (4 minutes ago)

I have just received this letter. You did not leave me time to respond. I check email once a day. It is my understanding that we are allowed to use to tool twitterfeed and friendfeed. Please show me where the terms have denied our usage. my accounts this week only reflect accounts from me and people related to me. Why did you not contact me on twitter?
In the past I have reflected other accounts, but that was not banned till after I did it. At which point you deleted me anyway. I am very disappointed in the conduct of your company and wish a transcript of my account so that I can show it to my lawyer.

6:50 PM
I have responded to your message and you have not given me a reply. You did not give me a warning and you have given me no responses but the following:

"Your account is still in the process of being deleted. When it is done, (within 24 hours) you can come back here to restore it."

It is now 24 hours and I demand my accounts be restored. Every Tweet that I sent out was a direct response to AmandaChapel and PurpleCar's attempt of character assassination. She has people within her sphere that also speak out to me and I was getting the information out by using the @AmandaChapel tag. Your company is out of line. I am speaking out against you in other forums right now.

Do the right thing and reinstate the account


Fact is that I was promised free expression by the administration of twitter. There was no terms and conditions clarified that made RSS feeds illegal on twitter. When twitter changed their own rules and then attempted to arbitrarily disable me I still abided by the new rule even if it had not existed before. It would seem this really gets into the essence of free expression. I have been denied that right that all Americans get. I was promised better by the administration here at twitter... I would not be complaining if it were not for the fact that @Jack had promised something different. I would not of come to twitter in the first place if I knew that there was a chaperone arbitrarily deciding regulations based on the hysteria of a few people who wanted to endanger the troops and got paranoid about their own actions. Twitter profiles are public html. Retweeting information is a form of standard community behavior here that most users enjoy. Why should I be denied what every other person on twitter has? If twitter feels that steaming information into twitter is bad then they should of clarified their position before censoring and destroying my free expression. What you are telling me is because you do not like my opinions that my rights should be denied. This is the essence of why I feel I have been discriminated against.

This is the ugly side of the AntiZion Stalinist State of Twitter. Let us call a SPADE a SPADE. Censorship! The Hippie Commune is nothing but a walled community of bigots hiding behind ideals. I spoke out and they tried to shoot the messenger. The idealism here is nothing but a Chris Brogan pipe dream to sell products to blue state snobs. When a true speaker speaks... you CENSOR.

The question is if I broke the terms and conditions? The ANSWER is NO! When I built @Panopticons there was no limitation detailed against what I was doing.

Now months later twitter has arbitrarily destroyed my accounts. I'm not satisfied and neither should anyone else. twitter is dying and people are leaving in droves. The fail whale has very little to do with this. People are disillusioned with this company's agenda. At one time twitter reflected the desires of people who wanted a better form of social network. Instead what we are confronted with is the ugliest tyranny of an infrastructure ever put together. All the tech fixes in the world will not fix people's lost dreams.

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