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If your husband cheats on you do you marry a known player? have you been following the Fannie and Freddie and AIG loan situation? it is so complex! Bush dropped the interest rates and the companies acted irresponsible, but dropping the interest rates would be exactly what a Democrat would do..., so while it is Bush's fault (kind of because he did it to stay in power)... replacing him with a fiscally irresponsible philosophy won't help either. so it is more complex then it would seem. It is a known fact that these loan companies always give more campaign money to Democrats because they benefit by an economy that gives loans out freely. so who do we blame? they guy who lied and said he would do the right thing or do we go to the people that we know would do the wrong thing anyway? Meanwhile the ignorant think it is a matter of small government failing, but would a big government have any more ability to break up companies that could harm our economic ecology?

Bush is to blame because he came into power like an angry tornado and scared all the free thinkers. Once 911 happened he could not convince anyone that he wasn't running a religious war. The bullshit that got him elected about moral correctness would not allow him to convince anyone that he wasn't a mad man. If he had come into power intelligently then none of us would of doubted his war efforts and then he would not of had to finagle the economy to keep us all drunk and happy. It is a greek tragedy.

the fact remains that we needed to go to Iraq. and we needed to be prudent on the economy. Because everyone had their eyebrows up, there was no trust. Perhaps if Machiavelli were alive today he would of written a very different rule book. Religion convinces people during peacetime, but when you throw their sons and daughters into a war then they are likely to question.

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