"The reason the FED let Lehman fail was because of the price of the Oil

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"The reason the FED let Lehman fail was because of the price of the Oil. Oil was trading at 140 usd a barrel. Today Oil is at 44 usd a barrel." - Igor The Troll”

" Too much Gas in the economy! It was all set up! If you want the car to stall, overflow it with Gas! The Markets were set up to fail buy manipulating the price of OIL from 90 usd to 140 usd. Lehman could not hold the position because it was betting that the OIL price would come down. When the OIL went to 140 usd, Lehman needed to increase collateral, but it did not have enough liquid assets." - Igor The Troll

"Letting OIL fall was politically desired moral hazard. Hence, the FED let Lehman bite the bullet. Collateral Damage to fix US trade imbalance. The OIL going from 90 usd to 140 usd was done intentionally to have the economy FAIL. This was done to make Bush look bad to get Obama elected." - Igor The Troll


"If you want to confirm my hypotheses check George Soros trades. Was he Buying OIL from 90 usd to 140 usd??? OIL went from 90 to 140 from Jan 2008 to July" - Igor The Troll


"This chart will show you the picture. From beginning of 2008 someone bought OIL like crazy. The market started to come down in the middle of 2007 because of the change to accounting rule, make mark to market." - Igor The Troll

"Lehman was selling insurance for OIl, which is logical and good bet when OIL trading at 90. Who was buying insurance, besides the hedge funds who manipulated the price? Airline companies who need to guaranty OIL price at 90 or they lose money flying the planes on set air ticket price. Also OIL exporters want export price guarantied. But there is no reason to have the price of OIL go from 90 to 140 when economy is slowing down. The price of OIL should have declined not went up. By forcing the price of OIL to go up from 90 to 140 in the short period, you make it unprofitable for corporations to make business. So by manipulating OIL up you cause the economy to crash! So being now the government spending trillions of dollars to fix the economy, why they did not lend Lehman 100 billion to stay in business? The crash was set up to get Obama elected! Lehman was the fall guy, a scapegoat! " - Igor The Troll

my understanding was that the price of oil we don't control. do you think Obama used his OPEC connections to screw Bush? pushed the price of oil up? Bush was a fall guy... betrayed by his business partners who wanted to work with a new guy? ....but now wait a second... it was Bush who let Lehman fail. not Obama! - NoahDavidSimon

Bush did not let Lehman fail, he had no power to do anything. Paulson is a democrat plant from Goldman Sachs. The Goldman Sachs boys decided time to work with the new to be administration - Democrats. They are just covering their Asses with the best bet to win! ;-) - Igor The Troll

Obama is OPEC's boy from a long time ago. OPEC did not want McCain to win, because McCain was going to Iran. OPEC chose to support their new Horse Obama. - Igor The Troll

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