Zimmerman’s Brother Goes After Trayvon On CNN: ‘What Makes People Angry Enough To Attack The Way He Did?’

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(Evan McMurry) Don Lemon interviewed George Zimmerman’s brother Robert Zimmerman on Sunday afternoon, to follow up on Robert’s stated desire to start a dialogue about race. Robert Zimmerman responded by wondering if Trayvon Martin had been buying guns or growing pot, and accusing his brother’s critics of being unable to answer tough questions about race themselves.
“Robert, you said you want to start some sort of dialogue,” Lemon said. “Much has been made about race in this particular case. You, your brother, your family, you have a unique opportunity in this country to address that. What would you like to see happen when it comes to race, to healing the divide, and do you plan to do anything about, and will you ask your brother to do anything about that?”

“I will ask George first to heal, and I will see to it that my life’s work is bringing people together, but not driving people apart,” Zimmerman responded, noting that his family had been “on the receiving end” of a good deal of hatred in the past sixteen months.
So Trayvon thought Zimmerman was gay? JEANTEL: Yes. Definitely. After I say, “Might be a rapist.” For every boys or every man, every who’s not that kinda way, see a grown man following them, would they be creep out? So you gotta take as a parent. You tell a child, “You see a grown person follow it you, run away,” and all that.

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