lolz @medeabenjamin for getting taken like a infidel. take the jihad. tolerate it! you are now war booty

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(EOZ)(Code Pink, the Israel-hating uber-leftist organization, was planning a publicity stunt to try to get into Gaza for "International Women's Day." Of course, they knew quite well that it was a stunt and there was very little chance that they would actually  get into Gaza.

We will meet in Cairo on March 5. We will attempt to enter Gaza on March 6 and return from Gaza on March 12, 2014. Due to the political and security issues in Egypt, there are no guarantees that we will be able to get into Gaza. If we get to Gaza, we will spend our time meeting with women's groups, human rights leaders, fisherfolk, farmers, UN representatives, youth activists and journalists. If we do not get into Gaza, we will make your time in Cairo very worthwhile.

(That webpage, by the way, was created using Israeli webpage software from WiX.)

Then, early today, co-founder Medea Benjamin tweeted:)

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