Watch @dwstweets turn the tears on and off

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(screen grab from Youtube video that was deleted)

Here are the Senate Jewish Democrats in support of the Iranian nuclear deal.

— Michael Bennet
— Barbara Boxer
— Dianne Feinstein
— Al Franken
— Brian Schatz
— Bernie Sanders

35 Senate Democrats (with Senator Booker) have now come out in support of the nuclear deal.
(My sister can turn the tears on and off like that... but my sister is not deciding our fate)
(gateway to disaster) Only 27 percent of Americans believe Congress should approve the deal.

I used to watch Jewish girls do this in summer camp.
Those tears are phony!!!
Look how she can turn it on and off like a light bulb
It didn’t take long for thousands of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s constituents to call for her “immediate resignation for having betrayed the trust of those who voted for her” and for “going against the will of the majority of her constituents.” An August Quinnipiac poll showed Florida voters oppose the pact 61 percent to 25 percent. Just last week, hundreds of protestors gathered outside of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Aventura, Florida office to urge her to vote against the Iran nuclear agreement. Many of the protesters accused Schultz – who also is the Chair of the Democratic National Committee and an avid advocate for the policies of President Barack Obama – of hedging her bets on the Iran deal for purposes of political expediency while giving a backseat to the existential threat a nuclear Iran poses to Israel. Schultz’s district has the second highest percentage of Jews in the state.

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