As someone who likes to write or work on creative things I have found Dunkin Donuts to be a great place to think and hang out. It lacks the expensive pretension and snobby qualities of Starbucks (this is good) and while I have experienced groping and sexual harassment there, I just can't get over how tasty the bagel, cream cheese and coffee there is. I have a question though... If it is called Dunkin Donuts, why are the Donuts so lousy? The coffee is great though, but if looking for real Donuts find a Krispy Kreme if you can. (They are hard to find and the stock value of the company is a bad investment in a health conscious economy) Still if writing a screenplay… knowing your place for a beverage is a must. Where do you like to hang out? I am thinking about jobs. I am totally broke and I am looking at Starbucks. How in the hell is this one of the hottest corporations out there? I can't figure how they stay in business. They really have nothing to offer. The seating is really no better or no more upscale then any other fast food restaurants. Certainly it is only a matter of time before the competition figures out that an internet connection is a great thing. The bathrooms are always dirty and smelly.... (o.k. Yes they let people generally use it... And they deserve credit for that in New York City).... But why would anybody pay around two dollars for low quality caffiene? Dunkin Donuts coffee is definitely better (Krispy Kreme has the best coffee). I think the prototype is McDonalds these days. After years of doing the same thing of opening all over the place McDonalds (Yes McDonalds) has an excellent corporate strategy of improving each location and worrying less about trying to monopolize location. They already had location. Starbucks could learn a lot from good old McDonalds. The marketing people at McDonalds should be given a marketing kudos. It is unbelievable how they turned this company around. I mean let’s face it.... Those “grilled chicken snackers” are affordable and tasty. However, I still refuse to order the fries after the Supersize movie (Ew that was gross). What in the hell does Starbucks have? Sure those milkshakes are good...., but the McDonalds milkshake is just as good and affordable (Ray Kroc pioneered the milkshake machine not the hamburger). I think within a few years we will be talking about Starbucks as if they had missed the boat like Chock-full-of-nuts.

Here's an idea for a McDonalds commercial... Old lady orders a McWhatchamacalit... and gets Mic Jagger and the Rolling Stones singing... "I can't get no satisfaction"

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