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I grew up a Democrat. It always seemed to me to be the party that stood up against religious intolerance... I have never voted for a Candidate (even Kerry) that did not come from the party. Now that I am seriously considering voting for a Republican... it frightens me to see all the intolerant people switching to the Democrats and being told that this is probably going to be the dominant party. But since politics works the way it does... I know whatever side I am going to be on... the dominant mainstream oppressive motion will go in the opposite. At least when I was a Democrat, the religious right were keeping my taxes down. Now the no Klu Klux Clan is against the war in Iraq... So now we are going to have intolerance and high taxes. I wish some one would point out just one good point for voting for the Democrats. Health care? Was not Clinton president for eight years (two with the houses in his favor)? The war in Iraq? Inevitable... unless your the type that reads Noam Chomsky and eats his kids for breakfast. Even France is beginning to come to the same conclusion. Now don't get me wrong... I don't like the N.S.A. inspecting my asshole either..., but I had an experience in Mexico that made me really appreciate this country (flaws and all). I didn't like Ashcroft, Rumsfield or the Florida Vote Fraud... and this Gonzales guy seems to of overstepped himself. But enough of the same shit happened in the Clinton White House. The Democrats and Leftists keep on saying we never learned our lesson from Vietnam.... I do not believe they themselves have. As the worst bloodshed occured in southeast Asia in 1972, Nixon took almost 100% of the vote before Watergate, then after four years of an idiot
named Jimmy Carter...
this country has been voting in the right for almost four decades. So the lesson of Vietnam? Win the war if you want social change... or at least find a better solution then running with your tail between your legs. It's ironic how the "Left" resents Kissinger... he's the guy who ended the South East Asian war... and he's the guy we should look to for ideas now. The "Left" keeps on saying we are learning nothing from history. A wise man knows that to really learn from history... the first thing you must realize is that you can learn nothing from history (at least nothing absolute). You can not apply the Holocaust to Palestinians... and you can't apply South East Asia to the Persian Gulf.
We do not have to punish ourselves for needing oil. We should work to get off of it... but for the time being our civilization needs it to move on to other eco-friendly energy sources and it is fair for us to buy it at a reasonable price that is not politically fluctuated. (this does not excuse some of the actions of the automobile industry) Our political adversaries that were against the war were negotiating with Saddam's government for the same oil... and are destroying the environment in ways that the Kyoto treaty would not of protected the world against. If China surpasses us as a major poluter and our civilization is in decline of strength... how will we convince China to cut pollution levels?Our country did not commit a double standard... it was our enemies that did.

At least I'm not living in a country with radioactive drinks.

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