BatMan Panopticons?

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the philosophical and political issues were played well. Dark Knight is most certainly an argument for voting Republican. Surveillance to fight violence? The need to lie to save Democracy and Justice? I don't think Obama would feel comfortable dealing with the Joker. The line between murder and torture were delineated between Two Face and Batman. BatMan is a Republican who understands the Black Hat that justice sometimes has to take.... he tortures, but never takes a life. We need to get BatMan a job at Guatanomo. BatMan McCain for president!

The entire movie evolves from a delineation between "Two Face", "BatMan" and "The Joker". "Two Face" even in his human pre-identity never has the moral backbone that "BatMan" has (that is a given from the comic book). Harvey Dent tortures and is not afraid to kill. He makes that very clear and takes on the character of "Two Face" before he becomes "Two Face". BatMan corrects this action, but has no problem torturing the "Joker" when he is in jail. Therefor we can assume that "BatMan is not beyond torture, but will not take the death penalty into his own hands. One can assume that BatMan would understand Guantanamo... but would never kill because he is not due process. A government sanctioned war is part of due process. As for the Joker... he remains the terrorist... or even a "Super" Terrorist in that he would kill... even if he does not benefit. Remember Joker is not about the money and personal benefit. He BURNS the money. Joker wants to terrorize for the sake of terror because he is angry. He has no meaning at all. The Joker has no structure he believes in. One might even argue that the joker doesn't even care about his own life and takes destroying the establishment to be his first priority, He has Harvey Dent put his gun to his head to see if he can prove that Dent in no better then him. He laughs at BatMan to encourage him to break his own values and kill him.

trying to rationalize a purely objective social theory (*impossible*)... attempt to define evil over stupid.... and some how parallel that to a word that is obviously evolving? I see a lot of pain in this conversation... I get that you have been hurt, but I also see that your attempt to objectify a behavior that is reactionary as part of the symptoms that lead to others trolling. your analysis is part of the illness... your vanity has obviously been hurt and you are attempting to feel above and objectify a person who has made the dialog less about the subject you want then about the relationship within the community. No doubt that over a long term it can be a nuisance, but dissecting a behavior will not help as much as reaching out with love. Objectivity is to bring you to a better spirituality, you fail when you see yourself as being above trolling. You are about to fall like Harvey Dent /Two face. Friedrich Nietzsche said "if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.".

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