aMANdaChapel has accused me of RAPE?

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Or is it Brian Connolly? Who is Strumpette?

before you believe anything from @aMANdaChapel has said

Member Abuse on Twitter - I wish to lodge a member complaint against Twitter member @amandachapel

same old Brian Connolly! I have been dealing with this same issue and it is why it became necessary to surveillance the activity of her constant libel and accusations. Amanda looks for people to say things in jest and she takes them out of context into a wider forum. We could just as easily take the content of Amanda Chapel's blog and assume she pimps to the PR industry. The question is does she ask directly or does she go to a wider forum and libel people? In the case of her recent accusation (in which she libels and says I raped a girl).... she didn't even take the words out of context. She completely fabricates a different story. The entire reason for @Panopticons to begin with was to surveillance Amanda Chapel and her circle. If you don't do anything about her libel, then people are forced to protect their own reputations. This is a fact and all you need to do is a google search Amanda Chapel and the history of her to see exactly what I am talking about.

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