Gay Marriage

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first Iowa and now Vermont. smug elitists are farting away in their little cabals eh? I don't have a choice... when I have sex I live in danger of financial obligation and yet the government of Vermont just gave the same tax credit to those that don't live with that danger. the people will overturn this just like California. how very closed minded to not consider the rights of children when regarding the need for transparent social contracts. It is a sad day in America and a sad day for truth and honesty. I want a law and government that reflects truth... not a lie that a marriage is a business agreement.. truth is that marriage is to protect children and establish an ideal living condition. It is the duty of a government to acknowledge difference and this moment in history says we are all the same for the cookie cutter monoculture. this is not equality. this is hate when you can't respect people's unique talent. It is disrespectful to our biology... it is disrespectful to people who can't control their biology. legislative choice should never be about taking rights away from others. the end result is more children without opportunities because social contracts designed to help our society have become meaningless in the name of disrespecting difference. you can't create a child without a man. and a man's identity is to be respected as critically part of a balanced ecosystem. NO MORE SOCIAL ENGINEERING. you can't control forces you can not understand. a marriage is a social contract that is reflective of us. this is exactly as it should be. I don't want government legislation that does not represent me. Gay Marriage is to allow a legislative lie. I'm not against government if it is elegantly designed... but if it reflects convenient lies then it becomes a huge problem.

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