I got hit by a car tonight on my bike

pissed. and black and blue. damn cops were suspicious of a dude that didn't want to go to a hospital. they arbitrarily started making stuff up about a ticket. they don't like a guy who doesn't trust the system

told the guy who hit me that I was fine... but he called an ambulance. the ambulance said I had high blood pressure... well duh!!! I hate the Poughkeepsie police. they don't like young looking men because Vassar college is here.

the thing that really angers me is I was nice enough after getting hit by a car to drop all accusations even though the guy didn't look for traffic. I assumed if I was cool they would leave me be. they were punitive to someone who doesn't accuse. I'm thinking about fighting this. the actual ticket is $25, but they had a lot of nerve after I had just been hit by a car. sad the way they kept on changing their accusation. they claim I didn't stop for the car. that wasn't what I said and they weren't there to see it. when I proved that they were wrong for giving me a ticket for that then they changed their accusation. they were determined to punish me for not going to a hospital. I should of just run after I got hit. believing in the traffic system in Poughkeepsie NY is a mistake.

one of the reasons I don't have a license is I know what arbitrary jerks the cops are to young men in upstate NY. It is just easier not to drive. last time I had my license some young girl passed me on the right in a dangerous fashion and a cop car pulled me over and not the woman. once they pull you over illegally they look for reasons. in my case it turned out my parent's car that I had been driving had been unregistered. my parents had been told it was registered by the used car salesman who gave me a drivers lesson from the driving school. but we can't prove we had been deceived. at any rate I couldn't afford to pay the ticket and my parents just decided it was better for me not to drive here even though I'm 35. that was why I bike around in the first place.

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