Nipple Twisting

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you making child payments yet? know any gays that knocked up their wives? WAKE UP. it isn't constitutional. infidelity is a breach of contract. gay marriage is nothing but punitive anger. I'd sooner be skeptical of w4 tax forms then a marriage contract... and yet marriage is what the online tyrants are snarky about. a voting Democracy is right on this one. not one election won by the beauty pageant bullies. sadly the gay community will eventually understand that they need their own contracts to protect their own needs. till that time we will protect society from arbitrary abuse of the left. the Prop8 protesters are more hypocritical then a San Francisco politician on a Gitmo briefing. aren't honest about the nipple twisting that you knew about? well you can troll online because if you go public people will tear you a second asshole like Nancy Pilosi. Gay Marriage just isn't transparent. we need honesty. not lies. in related news: "'Gay' gene claim suddenly vanishes " no inherantly "Gay" people according to the American Psychological Association woman like PreJean get ahead without controversy. it was admirable of her. we live in a dangerous culture of parasites playing at slippery slopes. everything is debatable. Israel is just one argument away from over. people should be snarky at other documents besides marriage. marriage protects people because it reflects their relationship. it is transparent because it is reflective. true transparency reflects at certain angles and allows you to see through it at others. men have to pay child support. women can get pregnant. this is something the government needs to address. you can not grant rights by taking authentic dignity away. PreJean might not understand this and takes her opinions on faith (which I respect)... but there are very good reasons why religion is against "Gay Marriage". We have become so sarcastic as a society that we have forgotten to analyze what institution the angry pitchfork mobs are attempting to tear down.

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