Hamas demolishes homes, world media yawns

From Tom Gross' dispatch:
Ma’an and other Palestinian news agencies report that the Hamas government in Gaza has renewed its policy of demolishing the homes of Palestinian families in order to seize land for government use. 120 families are to lose their homes in the latest round of demolitions – a far greater number than the number of illegally built Palestinian homes Israel has demolished in recent years – and unlike Israeli authorities, Hamas doesn’t even claim these homes were built illegally or with dangerous structures. Yet western media and human rights groups have been virtually silent about these destructions of Palestinian homes by Hamas.

Abu Al-Abed Abu Omra, whose house is threatened with demolition, told Ma’an that Hamas security police arrived late on a Saturday night and told residents to evacuate their homes in order to facilitate the demolition.

He said that more than 120 families living in a 15-dunams area near Gaza’s Al-Azhar University are under threat, though they have been living there since 1948.

Tom is apparently the only non-'Palestinian' source reporting the story. I'm shocked. Just shocked.

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