York Professor Speculates Toronto Shootings Linked To "Hypersexualized Masculinity " Blames Society

"I am not suggesting that the desire to own a gun is simply a form of penis anxiety. However, in a society where some men experience status anxiety because of social exclusion – perhaps due to racism or lack of economic opportunity – and where the culture has been significantly shaped by pistolization, then the gun becomes a vehicle for acting out."
what is frightening is when the courts take "professors" seriously and don't realize they are complete insanity endorsed by a political engine that may not be rational, but decides whose voice speaks to the youth. Google my full name and ask what in the hell happened that I'm still out there on the internet if college professors can be trusted. Go ahead. Google me: "Noah David Simon". I'm still out there... something is going very wrong with the system when academia is not second guessed. I'm FREE: the word of a professor contradicted the facts from University records. The frightening thing however is when you have the evidence and the courts are afraid the facts don't line up with a political objective. The courts can do everything they can to silence you and take your free expression away. That's why I have to be obscure here and not say names, but if I was really guilty of a felony... what in the hell am I doing out here? The media believes academics too. it's sad

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