'Obama planning talks with Iran, excluding Israel'.

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'Obama planning talks with Iran, excluding Israel'.(JPost).US President Barack Obama plans to propose to Iran that they conduct direct negotiations over the Islamic Republic nuclear program, Channel 10 reported Tuesday night citing a senior US official. According to the official, the decision did not involve any coordination or consultation with Israel. 
According to the report, the US is likely to give negotiations a time-frame of four to five months. If they do not succeed, the US may resort to the military option.
The report came a day after The Guardian reported that Western diplomats believe Israel has been leaking sensitive information about Iran's nuclear program in a bid to rally the international community to action. Meanwhile Israel renewed calls against the Iranian program, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday the problem would have to be confronted in 2013. According to the Guardian report, Western diplomats suspect the Israeli moves have backfired, and have instead jeopardized the International Atomic Energy Agency's investigation into the Iranian nuclear program.
Diplomats said Israel was leaking the information because of an "impatience" over international delays to confront Iran. Speaking to foreign journalists on Monday, Netanyahu said Israel was sticking to the red line he laid down in September, when he told the United Nations Iran should not have enough enriched uranium to make even a single warhead. "I made clear that once Iran crosses that enrichment threshold, the chances of us effectively stopping Iran's nuclear weapons program would be reduced dramatically," he said. "Iran is two and a half months closer to crossing this line and there is no doubt that this will be a major challenge that will have to be addressed next year."Hmmmm......Obama or is it 'Valerie Jarrett?Read the full story here.

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