Gagged in Great Neck

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(Carl) While Yeshiva University upheld 'free speech' by inviting anti-Semite Jimmy Carter to speak on its campus on Wednesday, the Left won another victory by threatening to harm Sunday school kids if Pamela Geller were allowed to speak at a synagogue in Great Neck. As a result, Geller's speech was canceled.

The rabbi, the members of the shul’s men’s club – that is who invited her to speak – the parents of the children in the GNS Sunday School, everyone was beaten down.  They were beaten down by those who hear Geller’s name and don’t see a sassy woman with long hair, they see a waving red cape, like the one held by matadors.
Geller’s opponents become so enraged by the thought of Geller speaking – speaking, mind you, not striking, not hitting, not bombing, not shooting – that they metamorphosed into a herd of stampeding bullies.  Geller is the capa, these guys heard her name and they started pawing the ground, snorting, and threatening clergy members, Sunday School children, and parents.
But it isn’t really Geller herself they cannot bear, it is the way she speaks  – without apologies – about the dangers of Islamic ideology embodied in Sharia, and that she warns without hesitation that it is encroaching upon this country.  That they simply cannot abide.
Geller said she understood how it was that the synagogue was unable to withstand the thuggery and intimidation by those who simply could not bear to allow her to talk.
“The synagogue didn’t turn on me, it did what it felt it needed to do to protect the Sunday School children.  Once the thugs announced they were going to organize a mob march of leftist Jews and Muslims on the shul on Sunday morning, when all the children are there to attend Sunday School – the parents were terrified and the shul had to respond,” Geller told The Jewish Press, just hours after she learned of the cancellation.
The opposition to Geller's talk was led by two kapo-like 'rabbis.'
“Rabbi Jerome Davidson became involved, and he really riled up their forces.  He let it be known that he was organizing a march with some of his congregants and some Muslims from the Westbury Mosque.  When parents got wind of that, they turned to the head of the local Jewish day school, and he then turned to the rabbi and began demanding indemnification and who can withstand that kind of tsunami,” asked Wiesenfeld.
Davidson, rabbi emeritus of Temple Beth-El of Great Neck, New York, and Michael White, the senior rabbi of Temple Sinai of Roslyn, New York, co-authored an article in The Jewish Week in which they called Geller’s proposed talk “hate speech,” and enthused about their deep and abiding love for their Muslim neighbors.
“We state unequivocally that Geller’s inflammatory rhetoric does not represent us or the great majority of Jews in Great Neck and on Long Island. Hate speech has no place in synagogues. Synagogues should be places for worship, positive dialogue and reasoned political debate,” rabbis White and Davidson wrote.  They did not mention the planned march or the waves of orchestrated phone calls, or the threats to the Sunday School children’s physical and emotional well-being.
Any 'rabbi' who cannot put a love for fellow Jews ahead of a love for Muslims doesn't deserve the title 'rabbi.'
I did not realize that they were threatening kids. That was why I didn't initially post this. It was not that I did not empathize with the cause, it was merely that leftist Jews getting upset that someone who doesn't agree with them would be allowed to talk is at this juncture a non story. It is common. Yes I am aware of the complete hypocrisy that the left does when it allows pro Palestinian speakers into their shules and then calls Zionists hate mongers... but the story is so common that I can't always repost it. I have problems with the liberal Jews in my town. Should I expect everyone to reblog my personal angst with the Jewish community? So the story is reposted not because liberal Jews are again bullying those that speak the truth... the story is reposted because the story reached new depths when the liberal and Islamic activists threatened school children.

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