The Buraq Conspiracy Theory and Natan Sharanksy

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(My Right Word)The Al-Aqsa Foundation in a statement today announced that
the Israeli occupation continues excavation and destruction in by the Mughrabi Gate - which is considered an integral part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque - and operates dozens of diggers a day to accelerate the creation of empty spaces underground for
...synagogues that would be linked to the rest of the Buraq square [the Western Wall], and noted a "Plan Sharansky"...part of the comprehensive plan to Judaize the whole area - which includes the Wailing Wall...and around the Wailing Wall to the place of prayer Israelis under the name "Wailing" -, while confirming the institution that the entire Western Wall is part precious al-Aqsa mosque is the exclusive right of the Muslims alone,
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