Political Correction was the creation of gay thinkers who supported totalitarian fascists

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I know I'm going to be called a homophobe, but the feminist CamillePaglia agrees with me. the liberals use Hitler's philosopher to justify censorship for those who oppose gay marriage... and they use a gay French philosopher (Foucault) who enabled Shia Islam. The basic idea is that truth needs to be revealed through meaning and that the sum of the parts (penis and vagina) don't give the final meaning because of sheer will.
Heidegger's Opinion on Gay Marriage
....Heidegger's notion of "worldhood." What is so compelling is the idea that, as humans (as what Heidegger calls Dasein), we do not live in a world where we start with bare facts and then build meaning from them. We do not construct our world from the flotsam of objects, whether those objects be rocks and trees, tools and buildings, or even words and ideas. Rather, we live first and foremost in meaning, inside of meaning. A world is not a geographical locale or a collection of people and things. It is rather that within which our actions can have meaning... 
Whatever... nonsense... Hitler's philosopher. Meaning becomes detached from reality ...so the reality Martin Heidegger ignores because the meaning is hidden... therefor we blind ourselves of anything that offends us? ...Fascists

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