Female Palestinian cartoonist threatened after critique of Islamic Jihad, Hamas

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(CatFur) The cartoon above was drawn by a woman named Majedah Shaheen. Some of you might figure out that the man in the cartoon is Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas (admittedly it does like very slightly like Mohammed Morsy of Egypt). Unless you read Arabic, you probably don't realize that the dog is meant to be Islamic Jihad's al-Quds brigades. Haniyeh is trying to get al-Quds under control. Neither side was amused and Shaheen has been threatened with death by those nice men with the masks over their heads. The cartoon by Majedah Shaheen depicts Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh asking his dog to “calm down.” The dog represents the Al-Quds Battalions. Following strong condemnations and threats, Shaheen published an apology on her Facebook account. “I wish to apologize for the cartoon I published about Hamas and the Al-Quds Battalions,” she wrote. “My intention was to relay a message in a clear and firm manner. But there are many who prefer to deal with the issue in an artificial manner instead of making an attempt to understand the idea behind it.” The apology has failed to calm many Palestinians, who posted abusive comments against her on Facebook, denouncing her has a “Zionist agent,” “traitor” and “prostitute.”

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