Feminists blame your penis for the NSA

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The problem with feminist criticism is that it never takes into account the libidinal nature of women. This #feminist piece written by a paranoid takes its cues from the "Gaze" criticism of the 90s. 
The Male Gazed Surveillance, Power, and Gender  By Kate Losse

This "Even outside the engineering floor or the NSA office, gender norms make the position of surveiller more available to men than women-- a man who doesn't post is cool and privacy-savvy; a woman who doesn't post much is considered weird and antisocial. While women smile and perform for social networks, men can use social networks in a proto-surveillant mode, avoiding the gaze that follows women so intensely online. Women have always been the subject of the gaze that demands we reveal ourselves or risk the appearance of hiding something - perhaps our deviation from patriarchal beauty norms (in sexist culture, a crime of sorts)."
It is all men's fault. Women fighting over who the camera shoots had nothing to do with it… and what is with all the selfles?

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