Method is a bad thing. Applying the same expectations in one place... as another or with one person or group as another is a huge mistake. IT SAYS THOUGH SHALT NOT KILL. Nothing is absolute. We defend our families from an attack. WE PROTECT OURSELVES FROM LETTING THE HOLOCAUST HAPPEN AGAIN... that does not mean there is no such thing as a just cause for war. When we apply a method in such a robotic and objective way... without looking into our hearts and realizing that often times there is a fine detail we can not see... we risk doing an absolute moral wrong because we could not see the truth in the axiums that were right before our faces. It is hard to understand today that the axiums of Nazi Germany made perfect sense... (they were using objectivity to make their society run smoother). Today when we use that same logic to try to say the fight of the Intifada is in parallel to the suffering of six million Jewish deaths... well then we are stuck in our own logic and not looking at the reality of the situation... which is that the enemy suffers too. They still deserve to be our enemy. We can empathize with their children... but when a missile launcher moves in next door to my house... I'm going to complain. For example the people of Lebanon did nothing. When all you see is cold logic. The monster is in your own face and in the person you think is wronging you. Yes it says... "THOU SHALT NOT KILL"... and in a greater sense occupation is wrong as well. So then I ask you... using pure logic should we let free murderers out of jail simply because they make babies? The logic of the left for the decade has been yes... and then they sit back and cry that they lose elections. You can't force people to not protect they're children. There is no justice to the Palestinian struggle. We have heard they're side of the story. We have given them a chance to appeal. DENIED! try again in forty years when your truly ready to make peace. In the mean time... the rest of the world should do everything they can to offer financial incentives for cooperation.... and not cash. If the rest of the world has so much sensitivity for the fate of the Palestinians... send your people to help and see how they get treated. In the mean time... tell Amnesty International to FUCK OFF! Because millions were dying in Darfur while they were looking at Israel. HYPOCRACY... and no sense of proportion are the true signs of racism. WE KNOW WHAT THE LEFT WAS UP TO... and we are holding the leaders accountable. That is why they lost power around the world. NOT JUST IN AMERICA.

It isn't just America that needed to protect it's children... after all the griping it turned out France did too and elected Sarkozy. You might think that Great Britain has turned to the left. It is a mirage. Blair is out... but the next government will be a conservative one. When you guise Leftism as hatred.... the people will reject your tyranny. That is why the Soviet empire fell. It is why all moral tyrannies fall. In the end if the Palestinians want peace, It is in their hands. The rest of the world likes to point to Israel to avoid their own responsibilities. Makes it easier to oppress their own constituents. The truth came out... and the sad fringe that is left of the LEFT is still crying like the Palestinians cry now. How much more will they be counter productive before they realize that Israel has nothing to gain from their suffering and everything to gain for their cooperation. I talk every day with Israelis. I'm telling you they don't want this... but we will be talking next year about how peace fell short again. Jerusalem was on the table... they didn't take it. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT? well BLOOD of course. Nothing would be easier then mass murder. I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN.

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