facebook is a BLUE STATE too. Scoble and Zuckerberg

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I'm all fine withe the right wing profit capitalism kind of stuff, but I have seen two promising things this year that broke my heart. One was the 2007 Mets. The other facebook. I got thrown off for the same reasons as Scoble... I know that it was a lie and I got kicked off for etiquette. The administration knew that etiquite was a slippery slope... so they threw information abuse at me. Now Scoble has made our contact information just as arbitrary. Regardless facebook is a government. And any government that runs on "DISCRETION" like the facebook "Terms" is bull dinky. The appeals system is unconstitutional... but being that facebook doesn't have one it is almost pointless to say that. I want to stand accountable for my actions. ZuckerTurd and Scoble showed me that it is a very elitist party. Can you believe that Scoble sent out an antiwar message from his protest facebook group? I don't care where you stand on the political spectrum... Iraq has nothing to do with Scoble getting special privileges. The Leftist pied piper strikes again and sells us the tyranny of a double standard. facebook is A BLUE STATE too!

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