Binary Politics

ever get the feeling that Ron Paul would steer the ship in the wrong direction? The scene in the "The Poseidon Adventure" comes to mind when Hackman begs the people to climb up the Christmas tree and the elite bourgeois decide to follow the rules. Remind people of what Obama is doing to your kids and that the dumb prick "Libertarians" are going absolutist against it. WE NEED A NEGOTIATION! our children will be living in poverty if we don't. Time tables must be made for all social spending and foreign debts. The government must privatize all finance companies if the economy picks up and this is all a false alarm. Let us pass legislation that gets us back into the free market, but does not let capitalism run wild either. Elegant legislation please! Tell Ron Paul that he was wrong about Iraq and he is wrong about the BAILOUT too. if we don't do something soon our kids will all be in debt
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