Chas Freeman Jr.

"The name Chas Freeman Jr. has been "floated" in the media as President Obama's selection for Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, the intelligence community's primary big-think shop and the lead U.S. governmental body in producing national intelligence estimates. For the last dozen years, Freeman, the former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has been President of the Middle East Policy Council (formally known as the American Arab Affairs Council) a Lobbying group for the Arab World. One of the groups primary functions is to Publish a quarterly journal called Middle East Policy. The Journal is filled with anti-Israel messages that are beyond even the broadest definition of mainstream of U.S. thinking on the region. As the President of the the organization responsible for this Journal, who's viciousness and willing to show bias, the appointment of Freeman as a gatekeeper for U.S. Intelligence is a very disturbing matter."

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