Ethnic Cleansing

the gun pointed to my head from scripture reflecting the present is very different then scripture that reflect an altered reality. people that attempt to follow violence... will act according to the wording. fundamental hostility would be hostility of the moment. using a blanket argument of religious universal hostility, one could summarize that anyone who disagrees and feels a bitter end will be the result is violent. these arguments are proven conjecture. Islam's nature is self evident from it's writing. in some slippery slope everyone feels that the errors of humans around them will lead to their demise. the beauty of Western thought is that it creates a safety device. the present situation is not the axioms of finality. Islam does not have this institution. in fact Islam repeatedly reminds it's followers that if they are not committing aggression that the messiah will not come. the burden is on Islam to fight. it is an irony that the safety device in Western thinking that protects our culture from acting erratically is the fixation of terrorist sympathetic arguments. the end of time can not be brought on pro-actively in Judeo-Christianity.

"The agreement with the administration was publicly announced in May 2004 by then president George W. Bush at the White House following his meeting with Sharon and published in a public letter from Bush to Sharon. Bush's letter recognized that Israel would not return to the 1949 armistice lines and that major communities and blocs of settlements in areas within its domestic consensus like the Adumim bloc, the Ariel bloc and the Etzion bloc would remain under Israeli control in perpetuity. The same is true for areas like the Jordan Valley which are essential for ensuring that our borders are defensible. Sharon upheld the Bush letter as an "unprecedented achievement" in a speech before the Knesset. And he, his chief of staff Dov Weisglass, Livni, and Ehud Olmert all presented it as the payoff for leaving Gaza."

even CNN has the Bush/Sharon letters that contradict the Obama administration and Clinton

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