Playboy: conservative women hate f*(% top 10

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updated from last week. the original post was 6/2/09

I find it amusing that they didn't just go with it. it would of been interesting to establish the libidinal nature of all of this. when it got outside of the frame of slander they just censored. there is such a thing as hate sex... in language. but the reality is that people who sleep with those they disagree with... are usually not disagreeing privately. they might turn it into play, but the media and the left had a preoccupation for decades with Clintons campaign advisor James Carville (married to Republican political pundit Mary Matalin). the reality is that the polarity of politics is rarely reflected in the bed room. it is just a matter of time before all of us are arguing as "liberals" against American Sharia Conservative law. those that are really against us are not sexy.

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