Egyptian anger at Morsi's diplomatic letter to Israel grows

The ridiculous controversy in Egypt over a standard flowery language in a diplomatic letter that accompanied the new ambassador to Israel continues unabated.

Sheikh Hafez Salama, commander of the "Suez Popular Resistance," is using the letter to slam not only Morsi but his Muslim Brotherhood rivals.
He said "It can not be that President Mohamed Morsi could have signed a letter sent with the Egyptian ambassador in Israel without reading its contents....This text exposes the relationships that link the Muslim Brotherhood to the United States of America and Israel....How can a Muslim Arab president give such praise to the Zionist enemy, who raped the Islamic and Arab world, and yanked Jerusalem and its environs from us, and killed hundreds of thousands of Egyptians and her brothers?!"
Salama added that the letter is incompatible with the doctrine of every Muslim towards the "Zionist entity."
He ended off by saying that "Morsi has forgotten the words of God, that 'Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion.'"
The flack for a similar letter sent last July wasn't nearly this bad - but then again, Morsi denied sending it.
(h/t Lachlan)

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