Zbigniew Brzezinski wants Obama to hire a Republican to punish Israel


Zbigniew Brzezinski: One move he can make immediately that will strengthen his position: appoint a secretary of state with deep bipartisan support. In today's polarized political climate, Obama would gain important leverage if he were to consider a Republican with a moderate foreign-policy outlook (READS AS ASS FUCK THE JEWS HERE). Of course, it follows that if he chooses a Democrat, it should be someone who commands significant congressional respect on both sides of the aisle.
(I suspect he's thinking someone with the world view of Petraeus, Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan... you get the idea. It isn't coded at all. It could not be more blunt)
Zbigniew Brzezinski: ...the so-called Israeli-Palestinian "peace process" -- Obama's success will depend on the degree to which he is seen as truly committed and dead serious. Commitment and credibility go hand in hand. 
(Vision doesn't matter to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the important thing to Brzezinski is that the secretary of state has complete hatred of Israel.)
Zbigniew Brzezinski: For example, on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the unfortunate fact is that under the last three presidents, U.S. policy has been either sincere but gutless, or simply cynical. The recent Palestinian statehood vote in the United Nations, in which the United States -- despite its intense efforts -- obtained the support of only eight other states out of a total 188 voting, marks the nadir of the dramatically declined global respect for U.S. capability to cope with an issue that is morally troubling today and, in the long run, explosive. It dramatizes the consequences for the United States of declined bipartisanship in foreign affairs and of the increased influence of lobbies, thus underlining the need for assertive presidential leadership in foreign policy and national security. 
...he could of just said fuck the Jew. it'd be more honest

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