India experience with Islam resembles Israel

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What in India’s history, and in Narain Kataria’s personal story, brought him to form an intellectual defense organization?  For one thing, he has a master’s degree in history from an Indian university, so he knows the long-term problem.

He narrated to me that Muslim invaders had been attacking India for a couple of hundred years.  Muslim rule started in the 10th century.  It took the invaders about 300 years to conquer Afghanistan, once part of India.

The clever invaders discovered that Indian armies depended on their king.  Muslim forces concentrated their archers against the Indian king.  Once he fell, his army disintegrated.  The Muslims then were able t

o corner and slay the Hindu soldiers individually. The widows committed suicide, rather than let the Muslims violate them.

We have elaborate literary and epigraphic evidence from the works of renowned Islamic Historians and inscriptions on numerous mosques all over India which glorify the barbarism and savagery perpetrated on Hindus by Islamic rulers. In addition to thousands of temples vandalized, looted and desecrated by Muslims, Islamists also destroyed three magnificent Hindu temples built in the name of Lord Shiva at Benaras, Lord Rama at Ayodhya and Lord Krishna at Mathura, and erected lofty mosques over them to humiliate Hindus. (Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are considered as an incarnation of God in Hindu pantheon.)

Example from the cited source:  "The Amir marched out toward Lamghan [in Afghanistan but then part of India], which is a city celebrated for its great strength and abounding wealth.  He conquered it and set fire to the places in its vicinity which were inhabited by infidels, and demolishing idol temples, he established Islam in them.  He marched and captured other cities and killed the polluted wretches, destroying the idolaters and gratifying the Musulmans."  The sources elaborate upon the great wealth of India, before the Islamic conquest.

Kataria says, “Hindus want their temples back.  The media does not report their sense of having been wronged, but instead, as wronging the Muslims.”

[Muslims likewise took over St. Sophia Church, one of Christianity’s primary cathedrals, in Constantinople.  Muslim conquerors built a mosque over, and now also under, the Hebrew’s Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Then they claim that no other religion’s holy sites had been there.]

In 1947, the Hindus did not seek partition.  The Muslims insisted on it by a 99% majority within their faith.  Nevertheless, many stayed in India and doubled their population there.  By contrast, Pakistan has been ousting non-Muslims.  Thus the Muslims keep Pakistan exclusively Muslim but keep India not exclusively Hindu.  “It is like having one’s cake and eating it, too.”

What India experienced, so has Israel.  The first partition of Palestine led to an exclusively Arab state, Jordan, and another area, for a Jewish state but with a Muslim majority.  The Muslims attempted to drive the Jews out of that other area, but in the effort, fled, leaving a Jewish majority.

Now the State Dept. and Arabs propose another partition into an exclusively Arab state under jihadist rule and a Jewish state having many restive Muslims.  Restive, as when Arabs chant, “The Galilee is Arab!”

Kataria had lived in the one-third of India that the Muslims acquired during India’s partition at the same time that the UN recommended partition of the remaining area of the Palestine Mandate after Jordan was emancipated from it.  Kataria is from the Sind region.  He was among the 10 million Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists that the Muslims of Pakistan, in collusion with the Pakistani army, drove into India.  He feels fortunate not to be among the 10 million driven into the ground.  The world took no notice.

According to Kataria, Hindus comprised 20% of Pakistan’s population in 1947.  Now it’s 2%.  “The Hindus suffered the brunt of the violence during partition, because, Kataria says, “Hindus were not thinking in terms of enemies, whereas the Muslims were organized to kill.”

“Nearly two million Hindus are still held as slaves in southern Pakistan.  In Bangladesh 20 million are missing.”

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