Apartheid Week at UC Irvine

Despite a relatively low student turnout compared to past years, the day was marked by what observers called an unusually large number of Jewish community members who carried Israeli flags and signs expressing solidarity with Israel and the Jewish students.  Some said they represented groups such as the Orange County Chapter of the Zionist Organization of America,  StandWithUs and the Orange County Task Force on Anti-Semitism.  Others said they were not affiliated with any organization.  StandWithUs distributed pamphlets and brought signs saying “Don’t bring hate to our community.
turned out the big event was a non event. must of been all the violence and hate speech the Muslims Student Union did all year. The big day comes up and most of the people who show up are Jews to protest the event... and since it just was revealed that Judge Goldstone was an Apartheid hanging and lynching judge who has a history of racism... what possibly could Palestine supporters argue? My guess is they don't have their propaganda printed yet with Goldstone's history stricken from their literature. poor timing for a Kristallnacht against Jews. Jews are fighting back!

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