Germany: Exploding Anti-Semitism

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Thousands of antisemitic attacks that are sweeping Europe, especially since immigration has brought into Europe a great influx of political Islamism. which is ready to join a common front with the neo-Nazis in their antisemitism, even when the far right is xenophobic. All the studies confirm, and the German police have made it a basic premise, that the neo-Nazi and Jihadist groups work together in the antisemitic field, with exponential results. One Jewish cemetery a week is vandalized, and grafitti and violence have increased from 36 to 183; synagogues are attacked; recently, in Hanover, at the international Fest in which everyone sang, from Afghans to Turks, a Jewish chorus barely escaped the mob's murderous rage.
Antisemitic incidents in the world in 2009 reached the highest number since World War II: in 2009 there were 1129 violent attacks compared to 78 in 1989

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