Marty Markowitz's holiday card: "We got the Brooklyn Nets"

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(Atlantic Yards Report) ...The cover(Goodbye to Hurricane Irene) and the inside of Borough President Marty Markowitz's holiday card. (Here's some Brooklyn Paper analysis of Markowitz's "gay marriage" theme.)
He's so excited, he states, "We got the Brooklyn Nets," even though they won't arrive til next year.
By the way, Steve Buscemi, shooting for an Emmy, is no fan of Atlantic Yards.
yeah... great... people who like to sodomize their way into non pregnancy are worthy of the same government benefits as those who live a life where pregnancy is a reality that can change life as they know it... but hey... they have the Brooklyn Nets... and in a "Progressive", "MoveOn dot Org" world... that is bliss. Ass monkeys!

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