Wordpress.com takes down Bare Naked Islam – again

Media_http2bpblogspot_ghlfa(1389blog.com) This message arrived from someone associated with Bare Naked Islam:
Of course we are looking at WordPress to tell us why, but it seems their staff is conveniently on holidays until Jan 2nd…[still were there to take her site down, we note].
I am hoping the site can be brought back with another server if this one keeps caving in to CAIR, or whichever variation is forcing the issue.
The last time BNI was taken down, CAIR was to blame. For what it’s worth, you can email WordPress Support at support@wordpress.com. We would suggest that counterjihad bloggers make plans to obtain independent hosting if at all possible. WordPress.com, Google Blogger, and other free hosting sites are more subject to outside manipulation.
this is why I didn't flinch when people said Wordpress was better then Blogger. Google products censor as well, but at least it hits search nicely

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