Would Jewish leaders meet Pollard?

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(samsonblinded.org) Israeli spy invited leaders of major US Jewish organizations to visit him in his prison cell to discuss their meeting with Joe Biden which touched on his release. Now they have to take sides publicly: whether they stand with the White House or a Jewish spy.

After two decades, it may be time now for Israeli government to tell us some truth about Pollard. The American obstinacy in his release makes no sense in the light of known facts, but even more, the Israeli government has to explain why it wanted Pollard in jail.
Recall that Israeli embassy gave him an Arab attorney which later serviced the PLO in America, and that fellow deliberately missed the appeal deadline when the higher court was very likely to overturn the outrageous sentence.
Typical Jewish Community setting up their heroes with liberal lawyers who stab their real Jews in the back... imagine that!... the liberal Jewish community stabbing a strong Jew in the back with a liberal lawyer who was supposed to represent him. Sounds familiar? Sound like an experience that you have heard the liberal Jewish community do to a Jew who does not abide by their feminist tyranny?.  oh... but the liberal Jews couldn't possibly offend their Obama who has done such wonders with the economy... right?

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