Cooked Squid Inseminates Woman’s Mouth

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Here’s one not for the squeamish, from South Korea: A semi-cooked squid inseminated a woman’s mouth, according to a paper published in the Journal of Parasitology. After experiencing “severe pain in her oral cavity” when she bit into her seafood, the woman spit out her meal, but continued to feel a lingering “pricking” sensation.
Doctors found that the 63-year-old woman had “small, white spindle-shaped bug-like organisms” lodged  in the mucous membrane of her tongue, cheek and gums.
Despite having been boiled, the dead squid’s live spermatophores, or sperm sacks, were alive and penetrated the woman’s mouth.  The sacks, which contain ejaculatory devices, forcefully release sperm and a “cement” that attaches the sperm to a wall.
Not to worry, calamari lovers.  Most Western-world squid preparation removes the squid’s internal organs, leaving only its muscle for eaters to enjoy, according to Danna Staaf,  who writes the blog  Squid a Day,  published on Science 2.0.
Seafood, anyone?
not kosher... but anything tastes good fried with tomato sauce

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